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I Look Sex Hot swingers in Stamford New York

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Hot swingers in Stamford New York

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I was at a table of 4. Most enjoy being pleased from head to.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: Want Sexual Partners
City: New York, NY
Hair: Golden
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I recently found myself copulating on a couch in an expansive Manhattan apartment, surrounded by glistening, naked strangers. When you move to New York, no one really tells you that you might have to survive a sex party.

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There are plenty of tips on how to enjoy Mission Chinese, or pick which neighborhood you live inor fight through a minute delay at Queensboro Plaza, but public sex? Perhaps Hot swingers in Stamford New York -- or you know, someone not as icky to hear it from -- should've included that tidbit, because sex partying is not as easy as you'd think.

Here are the 12 rules you absolutely need in order to survive one. Cheating wives in winnipeg

Sex Party Rule 1: Little black dress-donned, I made my way to the fourth floor Yogk an undisclosed building off of Fifth Avenue and a low-numbered street. The venues tend to vary loft spaces, luxury hotels, etc…but this one happened to be in a private apartment. It is no cheap affair, either.

Pun intended? Sex Party Rule 2: But if you think you can just buy a ticket and show up for some sex, think again. Sex Party Rule 3: Only couples or single ladies can apply, and almost everyone admitted is under 45yrs-old.

Sex Party Rule 4: Pretty people sipped Champagne or vodka on the rocks, chatting away in groups, while a reel of porn played on the flatscreen television behind the pool table. You know, your typical Saturday night Sex Party Rule 5: I sipped my Champagne and stood behind my date, desperately trying to avoid eye contact as the belly dancer shimmied Hot swingers in Stamford New York way into a swinyers and began pulling poor fools into the circle to undulate with her.

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While I quaked in fear, participants shook their hips with vodka-induced glee, whooping like a bunch of misplaced Magi. This is where the sex begins, because you have to be naked in the playroom.

Sex Party Rule 6: Two naked women were playfully kissing each other, while a third began to imitate the video-projected porn, with what I can assume was a very Hot swingers in Stamford New York man. Sex Party Rule 7: Men cannot suggest sex or approach a woman. Ladies call all the swnigers. Participants can have sex with their partners, swap, Nsw hunker down with a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.

Anything goes, as long as you ask first. Is your hand down your pants? You keep it there with pride! Sex Party Rule 8: It's Hot!

Just remember Rule No. Sex Party Rule 9: Get Involved While you could spend your time watching without feeling like a perv!

I grabbed my date, said a silent apology to my Mom, and led him into the playroom. Sex Party Rule The later you join the game, the more you have to wind your way through a maze of flailing legs and thrusting bodies in order to find your own empty piece of real estate.

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Our punctuality allowed us to grab a spot on the coveted couch. Before I knew it, my little black dress was on the floor. I was being felt up and stripped down while groups of eager onlookers sipped cocktails and nibbled on chocolate-covered strawberries. I looked to see a sea of naked.

In the far left corner, a couple did it reverse cowgirl; the woman next to us was standing against the wall as her date went down on her; and there was a Hot swingers in Stamford New York of men sitting on the couch, each one straddled by his date. The clamor swingres lusty noises made the room sound like some sort of Bacchanalian blowout. But there you are, having public sex.

I scooped up my clothing in one swoop, and dashed out of the playroom to the safety of the staging area, although, at this point, even the staging area was strewn with naked bodies. Couples were screwing on the pool ih, Hot swingers in Stamford New York chairs, and on the bar. There comes a point where you have seen all the sex you can see for one night.

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My date came hopping out of the playroom after me, shoes still in his hand. You have to sqingers in and get it. No way was I going back in there.

I just survived a sex party. He could survive without a sock.

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