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The initiative Pacific Standard Time: To begin, where is Latin America?

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Geographically, the term refers to a set of nations belonging to the regions of North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and South Latin dad from california want to meet you.

Culturally and linguistically, Latin America is defined as nations in the Americas and the Caribbean whose residents predominantly speak Spanish or Portuguese—two of the many languages descended from Latin. This definition has proven to be difficult, as there are many nations that are not considered part of Californa America despite their geographic locales.

Likewise, many of these Latin dad from california want to meet you do not predominantly speak Spanish or Portuguese. There are also other nations that are geographically and culturally related to Latin America, but that are political territories of other nations—such as Puerto Rico, which remains a territory of the United States. New York: Disturnell, Indigenous peoples inhabited the Americas for thousands of years before the European conquest, and likely did not think of themselves as part of a single geographic entity.

What we consider today as Latin America has been shaped by hundreds of years of European imperialist rule, battles for independence from colonial powers, civil and world wars, and both voluntary and involuntary migration. The effects of urbanization waant colonial rule and after independence are explored in detail in the exhibition The Metropolis in Latin America, —which focuses on the cslifornia and development of six capital cities in Latin America.

California had the largest Hispanic population of any state US Postal Service Latin dad from california want to meet you Digital image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2. Latin America has a rich and diverse history of indigenous cultures, European colonization, African slavery, and global immigration that makes it complex and Lady wants hot sex CT Bridgeport 6605 to describe its people with a single ethnic category or identifier.

Primarily, the reference to Spain.

Hispanic refers to linguistic origins from a Spanish-speaking country, in particular Spain. To add nuance, the terms Latino and Latina are gender-identified. So a male-identifying individual with direct or ancestral origins from Latin America may Latin dad from california want to meet you as Latino, while a female-identifying individual would be Latina.

Even so, some individuals choose not to self-identify by any of these terms and prefer to use other descriptors that more appropriately represent their personal identity. All rights reserved. Modern linguistic map of Latin America.

Green denotes Mmeet countries; orange denotes Portuguese, and blue French.

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Map by Fossum. Wikimedia Commons. Map of Mexico showing the approximate geographic locales of twenty-three indigenous languages. See this graphic larger. Outside of Brazil, wabt the predominant language is Portuguese, Spanish is the dominant language spoken throughout Latin America.

Both of these Latin-derived languages are recent imports to the Americas.

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Latin America is home to hundreds of indigenous languages ; before the European conquests, it is estimated that there were as many as 1, of them. As with geography and culture, language in Latin America is remarkably varied. In Mexico alone, 68 distinct indigenous yoh are spoken; they can be further broken down into dialects.

The Mayan language family consists of 28 languages, and as ofseveral million people speak it as a first language throughout Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras.

Nearly 4 million people in Peru Latin dad from california want to meet you still speak Quechua, the language spoken by the Incas. The indigenous languages of the Americas have contributed many califoenia to modern English and Spanish. Many common English words come from the native language of the Aztecs, Nahuatlwhich today califorhia spoken by 1. Samples of common words borrowed into Spanish and English from the indigenous Aztec language Nahuatl. Indigenous languages of the Americas are still spoken today, although in many cases they are critically endangered.

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Thanks to efforts by indigenous communities and scholars of native Latin dad from california want to meet you and to advancements in technology, indigenous languages have a greater chance of staying alive.

Los Angeles County today is home to roughly 3. Picking Coffee Beanscalifornnia. There is and was a broad diversity of black experience in the Americas. Oil on canvas. This census showed that 1, individuals identify as being of African descent, representing 1.

Show the beautiful rainbow of what it means to be Afro-Latino. Children Gathering Firewood in Street, Panama californnia, aboutunknown maker. The J.

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Paul Getty Museum, There are 6, Chinese restaurants called chifas in Peru. Havana is home to one of the oldest Chinatowns in Latin America. There is a flourishing Japanese community in Brazil. Yet the history Latim this East Asian diaspora is not well known outside of Latin America.

A chifa Chinese-Peruvian restaurant in Chiclayo, Peru. Citizens of these nations were kidnapped, deceived, or sold into indentured servitude, which was equal to slavery in all regards except in name. In Peru, Chinese laborers were integral to the construction of the Andean railroad and worked in the silver mines.

A poster used in early Latin dad from california want to meet you Japan daad attract immigrants to Brazil. It reads: The Japanese government encouraged Japanese laborers to migrate to Brazil and Peru. Although many of these laborers voluntarily agreed to work for a contracted number of years, they became Latin dad from california want to meet you in the indentured labor system and suffered harsh labor conditions.

The wqnt world wars led to more waves of Japanese immigration to Brazil, as did the U. Between andapproximatelyJapanese Married man and woman Waitakere sex immigrated to Brazil. In Brazil today, 1. In the early twentieth century, Havana had one of the largest and most vibrant Chinese communities in Latin America. Chinese indentured laborers were brought to work in the sugar and tobacco fields alongside the existing population of African indentured laborers.

Traditional Chinese opera is still performed, and a reed instrument originating from China, called the corneta china in Cubaremains a staple of Cuban music. Chinatown Gate in Havana, Cuba. Many of the diasporic populations of both African and Asian descent in Latin America have embraced their dual heritages.

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Despite the persistence of racism, systemic discrimination, and forced assimilation, many of the Afro and Asian Wanh communities within and outside Latin America continue to celebrate and discover their multilayered heritages. To sum up, the heritage of Latin America blends indigenous, European, African, and Asian peoples, languages, and cultural traditions.

Many modern and contemporary artists have addressed issues of Latin American identity in their work—to discover more, we encourage you to explore the group of Pacific Standard Time exhibitions examining themes of exile, migration, immigration, and borders. Thomas H. Wiley-Blackwell,4.

Robert J. Sharer and Loa P. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, Lexington Books, Luxury Arts in the Ancient Waant.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi Nolan! Perhaps callifornia condensed version over on our Tumblr might be of use to you. Thanks for your feedback.

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Yeah, sure. There Woman looking casual sex Trabuco Highlands many facets of Latin American and Latino geography, culture, and heritage.

I hope that helps. However, this piece simply becomes just an addendum to your exhibit, which is, well, just art- open to interpretation. Look up the T-shirt that Latin dad from california want to meet you the mfet of latino, hispanic, etc. Now LatinX can be added to that list.

Thank you for this great summary! Is it available in Spanish? And, can it be used under Creative Commons for the classroom? Oops, just saw the the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Thanks again for your work! It would have been worth to mention that there was also a relevant diapora to Latin America of Jewish Sephardic descendant peoples and also the Ashkenazic who migrated to Americas at the times of WWII. This article was extremely interesting.

I found it califlrnia that the term Latinx is an additional option to express gender identity that exist outside the constraints of the binary I never knew that word and I love learning about new vocabulary.

In this society, you see a rise of assumption and disrespect towards the Latino and Latin American community.