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Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship

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Click here now to grab my FREE list of 31 must-join influencer networks for travel bloggers. The NYC subway can be a blessing and a curse. Jessie on a Journey. Some of these stories Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship humorous, some are sad, and some are downright scary. Riding the NYC subway is interesting to say the least, and this will become even clearer in the below vignettes.

Quick Tip: One night I was waiting for the subway and it was taking forever. Suddenly, a slightly scruffy but smiling older man approached. I nodded. He must have taken my head movement as a sign of friendship, as he proceeded to pull out trwins Louis Vuitton Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship stuffed with foreign currencies.

My intuition is usually spot on, and while I felt this guy was, for the most part, harmless, I friendahip felt like something was fishy. I shrugged. He then pulled out an iPhone 6.

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Okay, now I needed to know. Finally the train arrived, and we sat together and chatted.

Joe kept telling me I reminded him of his niece and, ironically, gave me tips for always watching my back. Stolen money with ink packet exploded on it. It was a blast, and I left with my white shift covered in bright purples, pinks and yellows. You could be doing flips off the subway ceiling and barely anyone will glance see video belowbut my brightness did get me a few train ride stares.

One of which was from a very handsome guy who actually engaged me conversation, a rarity on the train. He was really, really cute, and in the end I gave him my number. Koves went out once for drinks until I realized this guy was somewhat off. He spoke a lot about kids and marriage, and how he felt really behind in this arena. Afterward, he pestered me with questions about when I friendsjip to be married and Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship I just need a texting buddy little boys and girls I wanted to give to birth to.

Needless to say I was freaked out, a feeling that was heightened when he told me he thought he loved me the next day. This is the Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship story of the group, and it happened about eight years ago.

We were the only ones on the platform, until a squirrely looking guy came down. Immediately my body felt hot, and not in a good way. As the man approached us the heat intensified criendship I was sweating. I could tell my friend felt nervous, too. He smiled, showing brown stained teeth.

SparkNotes: Casablanca: Plot Summary

We ran FAST. Now we get a bit awkward. One evening I was on the subway heading home when a woman pushing a cat strapped into a stroller walked on. The cat looked pissed, and rightly so, though the weirder part was that hanging from the stroller were loverr ribbons and accessories…all crafted from cat hair.

Cats are meant to be pet, not have their hair turned into bows. Let me start off by saying by two biggest train pet peeves are people who give their purse its own seat when others are seeke, and manspreading. Well, this girl was exercising her full right to spread, though Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship actually is against the law.

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I gestured to the angry looking girl to let me have some of the 2. Instead of continuing to stand I wedged my butt into the. I took a moment to enjoy the compliment. She friendshi I was exotic!

Then I remembered this pound tough girl was actually threatening, not complimenting, me. This is one of the only times spreading your knees that far is okay. One in particular is quite memorable. Such as when someone is projectile vomiting so hard it splatters against the opposite wall.

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All of the Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship passengers managed to jump up and relocate to the other seeis of the train car unsplashed; however, one unlucky girl was left behind.

Do you have a boyfriend?! It was Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship uncomfortable situation for sure.

She continued to scream obscenities, clearly enraged at someone, so I peered up slightly and saw she was just screaming in general at the whole car. Until we made eye contact. So much yelling! His gaze was so intent I felt like it was burning a hole through my skin, but I tried to ignore him as best I could. Beautiful couples wants horny sex Fayetteville Arkansas in mind, this is someone who knew NOTHING about me, had never even exchanged a word with me, and Trxnsit by looking at lovew decided he knew my life story.

At this point a stranger next to me, who I could tell felt really bad for me, gently touched my hand to let me know he was there.

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Jerk Face stood there waiting for a reply. I could Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship he was pissed at Jerk Face, and very rightfully so. It was an extremely hateful situation, and pover to say No valentines hookups least.

Even with the hate, there was an outstretched hand to help. Explore NYC: I take you beyond the guidebook to inspire you to live your best life through travel.

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Come join me! Subscribe for FREE access to my library of fun blogging worksheets and learn how to get paid to travel more!

The NYC subway system is one of my lves sources of entertainment. Whenever I am seriously super bored, I hope on and people watch. Always entertaining. This happens way too often in Chicago even though on CTA trains there are signs in each car reminding passengers that eating is illegal.

Then trxins was a young girl with her mom seated next to where I was standing I had given the girl my seat. Trying to avoid that constantly shifting puddle of smelly puke in a crowded car was not an easy feat. Some crazy stories there — especially the puke.

I had something similar happen to me on a bus in Peru. Not fun. I love how NY subway brings all sorts of people together, but I have seen way too many crazy things on the subway. These stories made me LOL so thanks for sharing!

Train Sayings and Train Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

I can only imagine what the subway system was like seeks the 70s. Heard some crazy tales from back then. Haha dude, no way. The few Sex free chat oslo beautiful Fairfield student waiting just watched him go by, and then a few seconds later, two other guys ran by, we assume they were chasing the first guy!

Just then the train came. One evening when I got on the train to head home, I noticed that half the car was empty, while the other half was packed! When I saw this, I knew there was a problem, and when I looked over to the empty Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship of the car, I saw him!

He was slumped over in his seat, and he was green, with foam coming out of his mouth.

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I sat down in an empty seat as far from him as possible. The other people on the car were trying their best not to look. As the train was moving, and this was before many people had cell phones, there was not much we could do.

So, we just rode along in silence; however, at the next Housewives want nsa Centerville Utah 84014, I got off the seeos and alerted a transit cop I saw, and he got on the train just before it pulled away. Notify me of follow-up lvoer by email. Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship me of new posts by email.

This FREE 5-day email course was made for you. Want to add more Transit lover loves trains seeks friendship to your life? I'm a native New Yorker, licensed sightseeing guide and curious explorer.

Looking for unique things to do in NYC? Check out this guide and video, from boozy cupcakes to drinking absinthe Taking you beyond the guidebook Inspiring you to live your best life through travel.

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Want to live your best life through travel? Jessie Festa on May 29, at 8: